Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I lay myself at Your feet
Asking You won't You meet
Won't You meet me
I cannot do it on my own
I cannot do it all alone
Here I am, oh, tonight
With my arms open wide
Won't You come inside
Won't You come inside, God
Come and fill this heart of mine
I'm in need of You
Of Your touch, of Your life, of Your love
I need You
I need You

I often struggle to find the words to pray as I don’t feel like anything I can say can truly put into words what I need. Somehow though, I come across songs that seem to connect perfectly with what I am feeling or with what I want to say.

This song is one of those… Everytime I hear it, I can’t help but lift my arms in the air and give God my heart. It’s like he’s pulling the pain of sin out of my heart and replacing it with his Love and his spirit. It puts me in such a pure place of worship, that nothing can distract me, nothing can separate me from talking to God at that moment.

Before I had a relationship with Jesus, I didn’t know what love was… I didn’t know what it could feel like, but now, I can’t imagine living a life disconnected from him.


21daystohabit said...

I feel as if the time we get to worship the Lord in church and sing the songs truly is the most important part of the service, that we are all together, we are all one, we are all here to praise His name and only after worship are we ready to hear a message, and I can vouch for my local radio station. Listening to 90.5 SOS Radio for their 30-day challenge last February is the motivator that brought me back to a life with Christ, and I am forever grateful.

You seem to express it the way I do, that someone else's song speaks to me and how I feel so much better than I could ever convey.

Peace be with you, cousin!